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Ok well here I am at my start of a 12hr shift and its my last one for 2 months yeehaaaaa.

Tonight is all about finalizing what is need for my trip, I am considering a Sony action camera to strap to myself, this will come in handy when I trek to find the Mountain Gorillas. I also need:
  • shower caps for my lenses.
  • Suitable biodegradable soaps etc
  • pick up my dryzone 200 backpack (DONE)
  • maybe buy another pair of light weight pants and quick dry shirt
  • some decent pens for my journal, and glue stick
  • powerboard for charging in vehicle (trucks may have inverters)
  • LED headlamp
  • DEET insect repellent if my other stuff has not arrived.
  • and no doubt some extra stuff I cannot think of right now.
  • OH and a hair cut, after 2 months away I dare say it will be unruly lol. (DONE)
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Updated 03-12-2013 at 05:51 AM by Scott Murray

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  1. crycocyon's Avatar
    Good luck with the preparations!
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  2. Scott Murray's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by crycocyon
    Good luck with the preparations!
    Cheers mate.
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  3. TedG954's Avatar
    Have a safe and productive trip. I'll certainly be looking forward to your efforts. Take care, Ted
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  4. stmv's Avatar
    yes,, 60 days x 400 pictures a day,, 24,0000 pictures later..... give or take a 1000,
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