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Hi in just over 4 weeks I will be taking my holidays in sunny Spain or at least (I hope its sunny Spain)

And any advice on taking sunset or sunrise photos would be helpful

And let hope I have some photos to upload.
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Updated 05-06-2013 at 04:38 PM by sam49

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  1. Eduard's Avatar
    Where in Spain are you going? I was just there a couple weeks ago.
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  2. sam49's Avatar
    Hi Eduard

    I am going to Salou that's northern Spain I think, I've been before but it was about 17 years ago.

    I hope to get some nice sunsets and sunrise photos
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  3. Eduard's Avatar
    I went through a similar challenge a few years ago when returning to Key West. This article convinced me to invest in neutral density filters. They really make a difference.
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  4. sam49's Avatar
    Thanks for the info and the link some great info there for me to read.

    Thank you again
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  5. sam49's Avatar
    Hi guys I've only got 5 more days to wait for my holiday in the sun
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  6. Eduard's Avatar
    Can't wait to see the results!!! Did you invest in ND filters?
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  7. sam49's Avatar
    Hi Eduard

    Yes I did invest in some ND filters I got a set of 3 Cokin ND graduated filters.

    Cant wait to got going now.
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  8. sam49's Avatar
    Hi Guys
    Well what a disaster this holiday was.

    I was ill almost all the time and hardly never got out of the hotel and had to return a week early.

    I am well P----- off

    But I suppose that a risk you take
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  9. Eduard's Avatar
    Ahhh Sam that sucks. Hope you are feeling better or will soon.
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  10. sam49's Avatar
    Hi Eduard

    Thankfully im feeling a lot better now,

    Thank you for the kind thoughts
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