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Watched an interesting video the other day about a well known photographer, 77 years old, who has never shot digital.

As an experiment he was given digital camera and asked to try it. He was given a mentor to talk him thru the basics and in a week or so, if the photos are any indication, he had pretty much mastered the medium.

He seemed, from his remarks to have been quite taken with the medium and pleased with how quickly he could produce a print that met his standards. He did not totally commit to digital but seemed ready to use it sometime.

One thing that he did not embrace though was live view. He very much emphasized the need for a photographer to keep their eye glued to the viewfinder as that is where composition is formed.

So it is heartwarming to know that us old dogs can learn new tricks if we will but apply ourselves.

​ I guess that " the race does not always go to the faster or stronger man, but sooner or later it's bound to go to the man who thinks he can" .
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  1. WhiteLight's Avatar
    But the whole concept of 'Technology' is to make life easier!
    So anyone who has been doing 'X' the hard way, can definitely do 'X' the easier way too!
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  2. DraganDL's Avatar
    Depends on what people really mean when they say they stick to "the analog ways". If it is just shooting, and letting other people do the "chemistry", it's a one thing. Different thing is if we ourselves do the whole process, from developing "negatives" to the final results - paper or canvas, etc. That said, I swear that "wild horses wouldn't drag me" (yes, paraphrasing Rolling Stones) into that laboratory where I had spent millions of hours, with my arms dipped into those developers and fixers and all, up to my elbows..
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