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This month I celebrate my 53rd year as a cabinetmaker. I have only been interested in photography for the last 31 years so I'm still a newbie. What woodworking taught me was to always buy the best tools you could afford. They allow you to overcome your limitations and reach your fuller potential.
on a trip to the Grand Canyon in 1982 I took along my friends Canon T50. he said bring back some pictures and I said ok, How tough can it be? You just point the thing and push the button. I did not know enough to even be able to manipulate that camera's somewhat limited options and yet I still brought home hundreds of pictures and i was hooked.
Back home I was determined to get my own camera and spent some 6 months or so looking at everybody's different models. one day I picked up a a Nikon FG and it felt just right. I have never looked back and have never considered another camera but Nikon. I have just always felt that they shared the drive for excellence that I wanted in a camera.
And now, of course I have discovered this marvelous site and all of you who share my passion for great cameras. I this a wonderful world, or what? Image from a Cannon. So shoot meChanging flash-img006.jpg
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  1. Ironwood's Avatar
    The FG was my first SLR too Ron, I loved that camera.
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  2. Whiskeyman's Avatar

    Congratulations on celebrating 53 years of your being a cabinet maker/craftsman, and 31 years of photography. I have always admired any craftsman, and have a strong appreciation for the work they do.

    I have to ask, do you have a favorite wood specie to use? Not just to work with, but also for how you like the finished product?

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  3. RON's Avatar
    Pennsylvania Cherry
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