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Each winter, I provide photo coverage for the Manitoba Speed Skating Association. Their oval is an outdoor facility, usable only a few months a year. Yet, this humble oval has an enviable record for setting young long track skaters on the road to Olympic glory. More than a dozen skaters have taken first strides on this track and ended up standing on the medal podium, including Cindy Klassen and Clara Hughes, each with six medals.

ML-L3 Remote shutter release.-16088214260_a1b3461ae0_c.jpg
⇪ They start young - lots of enthusiasm, with arms and feet flailing in all directions.

ML-L3 Remote shutter release.-16327055025_c3106e3998_c.jpg
⇪ Lap after lap, stamina builds.

ML-L3 Remote shutter release.-15948102757_c331294a56_c.jpg
⇪ In the freezing cold (-35C this day), the coaches help young skaters refine technical skills.

ML-L3 Remote shutter release.-16126896350_596ae5944c_c.jpg
⇪ There are falls along the way...

ML-L3 Remote shutter release.-15653263534_e8dd5a2a6d_c.jpg
⇪ But they always get up and keep striding.

ML-L3 Remote shutter release.-16085834880_a1ae552491_c.jpg
⇪ Keep at it enough years, and you get fast - very, very fast.

ML-L3 Remote shutter release.-16080996240_a86cdf7a2c_c.jpg

ML-L3 Remote shutter release.-16079757897_1c7748856d_c.jpg
⇪ Until the day comes you can proudly wear the provincial team's uniform.

We may have two more months of winter ahead of us, but long track competitions are almost finished for the season. Many Manitoba skaters will now be travelling to national and international competitions - perhaps even the next Olympic winter games.

I hope you enjoy this series.
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