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A dear friend of 31 years, a colleague, a wicked math geek and the most generous friend a man can ask for. I shot the last one yesterday, it took me quite a while to be able to approach this subject with a calm and analytic mind. These are part of my personal mourning process.

I wish strength to his family and may he rest in peace.

2009 - Solid as a rock

2010 - Dust to dust

2011 - Earth to earth

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  1. Rick M's Avatar
    Sorry for your and the Family's loss. Unfortunately the reflection in "final" shot covers his name.
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  2. pforsell's Avatar
    Thanks for commenting cnyram.

    "Hiding" his name was deliberate. I tried to just leave the dates visible, sought a while for an angle that would let the sky between the trees reflect on the stone. I finally had to lay flat on my belly to shoot it... I hope nobody saw me while in the act.
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  3. Rick M's Avatar
    OK, I thought it might have been intentional and may have been done for various reasons. I like the effect, high contrast and grainy feel for the setting and purpose (my apologies, I realize you did not post this for a critique). The middle shot is by nature an emotional and powerful capture. Knowing this does now beg the question- If it is a tribute, why not show his name?
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  4. pforsell's Avatar
    That is a good question and I have to think about it. It is an emotion thing I guess, perhaps I just wasn't ready for it yet, for whatever reasons there might be deep in my heart. I can't analyze myself. Perhaps I'll do a fourth shot in the winter with snow on the ground, a candle in a lantern illuminating the stone and the engravings, late in the evening or early in the morning. I think December 15th would be perfect.

    Thanks for making me think, it reveals things about me, to me.
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  5. Vermontster's Avatar
    Great tribute.
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