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2011 was the first year I participated in Project 365. I finished it and it's a nice feeling. As I look back over the year and the photos I selected as my POTD, I realized how much I've grown, how much photography is a joyous part of my daily life, and how much more there is to experiment with and learn. I go nowhere without my camera. Thanks to Jen's idea, I got a Lowepro sling back that I use as a purse because it holds my D200. Never once did I consider it a "chore" to make a photo, and my camera and photography have become as much a part of my daily routine as my dogs and horses. I've researched and learned a lot about various techniques and discovered how much fascinating stuff is out there to learn. I also want to add, it was great that we could post our photos on this forum. Those of us who participated had a great support group, and it kept us honest.

So, will I do it again for 2012? You bet I am. The opportunity for growth is just too great to not do it. And for me, there is something magical about starting any major project on the first of the year. I am, however, going to raise the standards for myself for 2012.

1. No more "desperation" shots. If I can hold the camera, I can surely find something better to photograph than a bottle of pepto. "Work ethic" means you work through the problem.

2. No more getting out of bed at 11:45 PM and waking up the dogs so I can take a picture I should have taken earlier that day. No procrastinating . . . one of my cameras sits in plain sight so that I can reach for it whenever an opportunity arises.

3. More themes so that I can start building a body of work.

4. Each lens will have 3 consecutive days devoted to it . . . I plan to use only that one lens for 3 consecutive days regardless of the subject matter.

In a nutshell, my keywords for 2012 Project365 are more planning and less procrastinating. Photography is much like life . . . you never "arrive" and it's the journey that matters. In either case, if you ever believe you've "arrived" , then you're "finished" in more ways that one.

Happy New Year, and here's to memorable photos for 2012! Enjoy the journey!
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  1. jengajoh's Avatar
    Good for you, Helene! (I'm glad I could help out with the bag suggestion.)
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  2. Sambr's Avatar
    Good stuff Helene, congrats for finishing
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  3. Ranie's Avatar
    Keep it up Helene
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  4. Mike150's Avatar
    Helene, I really enjoyed your 2011 shots, and look forward to following your 2012
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  5. <3PhOtOs's Avatar
    I am a beginning photographer, care to share some of your wisdom with me ?
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  6. ladyknight33's Avatar
    I just ordered a Lowepro Sling bag. My daughter bought me a nice backpack to carry my camera and stuff but I like the look of the Lowepro sling bag. I will use the backpack for travelling with the camera and the sling bag for everyday use.
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  7. ohkphoto's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by <3PhOtOs
    I am a beginning photographer, care to share some of your wisdom with me ?
    Probably the most important thing is to just make photos as often as you can . . . keep shooting . . . and know your equipment, and don't be afraid to move out of your comfort zone.

    But most important of all, love what you do and have fun!
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  8. ladyknight33's Avatar
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  9. ladyknight33's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ladyknight33
    My bag fully loaded.
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  10. eurotrash's Avatar
    Nice bag, lady! Just bought this one myself, should be here any day now. I'm excited to see if it's cracked up to be what everyone says it is..

    I took a lot away from this post. Many of the thoughts are my own as well. More structure. More rigidity. More quality pictures as opposed to just "squeezing one off" and calling it a day. Words and thoughts of wisdom. Thank you.
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