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A short version of the St. Patricks day Parade through the lens of my new toy. What a great way to get to know the new camera and learn what not to do. I was missing my D5100 just a little at first then I found out how to mess with the dials with out going to far into menu for certain settings. I am proud to say with more practice I love the D7100 so far and the speed of it is super amazing.

A special happiness on the face of a mother watching as if she was seeing it through her child,s eyes.
Zoom lens for D5000 camera-mba_0354.jpg

Because no parade route is a parade with out the bag pipes. My great Grandpa was Scottish and he played, I will forever honor and love the sound of the bag pipes.
Zoom lens for D5000 camera-mba_0396.jpg

The Troopers have arrived.

Zoom lens for D5000 camera-mba_0439.jpg

Zoom lens for D5000 camera-mba_0442.jpg

Zoom lens for D5000 camera-mba_0494.jpg

Doritos eating leprechaun
Zoom lens for D5000 camera-mba_0571.jpg

Last but not least the ones I waited all the parade for #FearFactory. they will be on Travel channel tonight at 7PM (MST) I am gonna watch this to see the inside of the old Cement plant here in Salt Lake City.

Zoom lens for D5000 camera-mba_0625.jpg

Today was a fun day shooting the D7100.

Thanks for stopping by to view my post. :}
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  1. gqtuazon's Avatar
    Great stuff. It almost look like hybrid St Patrick's day and Halloween.
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  2. Mis Adam's Avatar
    Thank you! the Fear Factory always takes the tail end of this parade, they did a fundraiser haunted spring thing so that maybe why.
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