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I got a chance to see some (more) Dale Chihuly glass at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The display was incredible considering the amount of work and precision that goes into each piece of glass. Most of the pics below were taken with my D7000 and either a 50mm f/1.8 or 18-55mm kit lens.

Some more Chihuly glass that I've seen in the past -

At the V&A in London:

At the Bellagio in Las Vegas:
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  1. Carolina Photo Guy's Avatar
    Dale has serious issues that will need to be addressed at some point in the future! But I absolutely LOVE his glass!

    I saw his exhibit at the Corning Museum of Glass in NY and his pieces in a museum in Ohio!

    Thanks for showing more of his work. This person is a genius with blown glass!

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  2. jdeg's Avatar
    Pete, are you referring to the legal issues?
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  3. Carolina Photo Guy's Avatar
    NO NO NO! It just seems to me that Dale thinks so damn far outside the box that he is trying to compensate for not liking this reality very much.

    If you think about it, his fantasy world is so easily broken that perhaps he just wants to break THIS world and replace it with his creations.


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  4. Nero's Avatar
    Oooooooo pwetty. O.o
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  5. jdeg's Avatar
    Good point Pete. I read a good article on him: Chihuly victimized by his own success? - It is a little old, but it describes him as constantly working, and a depressed bi-polar personality. It seems like he is a lot like his work - crazy and easily broken.
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  6. crycocyon's Avatar
    Yes I have a photograph from that ceiling at the Bellagio in my photo album. Amazing work and your photos do justice to it. It reminds me of the Glass Flowers at Harvard University, although that's an entirely different league of glass-making as it is microscopic and this is macroscopic. Beautiful stuff, thanks for sharing.
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