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I have been thinking the last couple of days about how exciting it is to develop and manage this art gallery that I have built from the ground up and about the three very talented women, I have emplyed to make it and ongoing reality.
And the following came to mind.
Have you all see the third installment of Indiana Jones where the old knight who guards what is supposedly the cup of Christ?
And he utters that famous line.... "you chose wisely".
Well I believe I have chosen wisely in surrounding myself with the three lovely people I chose to work with me on what is, I firmly believe, the most personally rewarding artistic experience in the last few years.
I have been ruined by digital technology. My understanding and appreciation of art has developed exponentially with age and wisdom, yet my personal satisfaction in what I perceive as self produced excellence, has diminished to an all time low.
It is too easy for me at this time in my life's experience, to just pick up a camera and not attend to a unique visionary process.
To put it bluntly... I look at what everyone else is doing... and then I look at what I am doing now... and I am NOT impressed with myself at all.
I have become lost in a vast landscape of technical expectation rather than experimental vision. It is dark in this place; there appears to be no purpose,
no direction, no refreshing change.
And so I have thrown myself into this West Wall Art project, and soon the East Wall Art project, I have surrounded myself with very talented people
so that in some painfully limited fashion, I am able to continue to remind myself... I have chosen wisely.
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