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Hi all, greetings from Ireland. Just a few sports pics to get me started. Only a Nikonite with a day or two but lovin' it so far!

Hurling (Irish game)

Player in centre has just scored a goal.

Hurling again (Irish game)

My fifteen year old son Stuart in action for our local Under 17 team.

Rugby Union
Munster vs Connaught
Charging Nikon camera-sbm_0076-copy.jpg
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Updated 01-15-2014 at 06:49 PM by Gortan60

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  1. RON's Avatar
    I am not a sports fan but each of these photos tells a compelling story. And that I like. hope you do some landscapes too because you are in an ideal place to do so.
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  2. Gortan60's Avatar
    Ya, I do landscapes on occasion, and people shots and everything else that catches my eye! I do love my sports stuff though...

    A memory is only a memory unless it is shared, a photograph is a memory shared
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  3. Sharin's Avatar
    You sure told a story in that first photo. I feel sorry for the poor guy who's down and covered in mud. And that rugby, such a rough sport! Great shots!
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