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This comparison uses the same aperture (f/11) and same subject/view size (16.78) with four different focal lengths.

  • The red line represents the width of the subject/view.
  • Positions a, b, c and d represent camera positions using the four focal lengths in the table.
  • Black lines represent angle of view for each focal length.
  • Distance for each calculated using cad software.
  • Depth of field info calculated using Photo Caddie.

Attachment 98534

Position Focal Length Angle of View Distance Depth of Field Front DOF Back DOF
a 200mm 120 3.87 1.90 1.96
b 55mm 28˚ 50 32.64 3.79 1.79 2.01
C 40mm 38˚ 50 23.81 3.83 1.76 2.07
D 18mm 76˚ 10.74 3.95 1.62 2.32
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Updated 07-01-2014 at 06:34 AM by Eyelight

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  1. wornish's Avatar
    A picture (diagram) is worth a thousand words the saying goes.
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  2. FastGlass's Avatar
    Very interesting. Wouldn't have thought the DOF would have been that close together. Where did you get your information from.
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  3. Eyelight's Avatar
    The idea came form reading an article on CiC, Understanding Depth of Field in Photography

    The diagram and table I created using cad software and DOF calculator.
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