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Time Drags On.

Thought it would be a lot easier to get around the house in a wheelchair...But wait I have a very nice wheelchair lets see how it works. Get it out of storage, get air in the tires, feels good, easy to get in and out of rolls nice down the hall, goes through the bedroom door (A little tight) Wait, does not fit through the bathroom door. Who was the bright person who decided the bathroom door did not need to be as wide as every other door in the house.

In the process of getting estimates to add on the the house. This has made me redo the plans and add a half bath and this time make it wheelchair accessible. As I get older it seems like that might be a good idea. And 2 and a half baths will sell better later on down the road anyway.
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  1. stmv's Avatar
    yes,, seems like any home built after 1980 should fit a code for wheelchairs.
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  2. Mark F's Avatar
    Forget a wheel chair in my place, except for maybe the living room. Getting in and out of the bathroom and taking a shower are the pits!
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