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The wife and I decided on Friday morning to leave town and go somewhere. We really did not care where as long as there was something to shoot when we got there. WE drew a 150 mile circle around home on the map and starting looking. We found a State part in Georgia that looked very interesting. We decided to drive to Columbus Friday night and spend the night so we would only have a half hour drive or so the next morning to get there. We got to Columbus and found a motel and checked in and decided to see what we could find to do till supper. We saw that there was a river walk downtown and drove there. It is a beautiful area with a wonderful walk and view. They had recently blown the dam and allowed the water to flow free and it created white water in one area. There were kayakers paddling up the side in calm water and then moving out into this permanent wave and surfing on it in their kayaks. They were from 10 to 30 feet away from where I was shooting. It was great to see that kind of action so close to where I was standing.

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  1. Moab Man's Avatar
    That's the best kind of adventure... the unknown.
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