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This product is specifically designed for the Nikon D80 and D90 DSLR cameras.

The purpose of a battery grip is twofold. First and foremost, its main function is to add some power by doubling your battery capacity. This is especially important for event photographers (like those who do weddings) so that they don't run out of juice when they need it most. Second, the grip adds new usability to the camera by enhancing vertical shooting capabilities.

The Zeikos model features a second, locking shutter release and dual control dials in addition to another AE/AF button. The product finish flawlessly integrates with the camera's finish. It really looks as if it were part of the camera, and not an add-on.

I purchased the Zeikos battery grip from B&H Photo for the bargain basement price of $48.99, which is a great deal less expensive than the official Nikon grip (MB-D80) which lists for $139.49. Even the comparable aftermarket Vivitar model is almost $78. At first, I was a little skeptical because of the low price of this particular brand. Usually, you get what you pay for. This was not the case with the Zeikos battery grip.

If you read the buyer reviews posted on the B&H site, the overall feeling is a good one. Some had issues with the charge of the dual batteries displaying properly on the camera. Others said the installation was tricky, or that the grip did not secure itself to the camera good enough. I did not experience any of these issues. Removing my D90's factory battery door took 3 seconds, and it stows away inside the new battery grip so that it won't be misplaced or damaged.

This product was a great addition that has enhanced my comfort and added another dimension of usability to the camera. I like a larger grip anyway, and I think this new battery grip adds some balance to the camera. Of course there is a size and weight increase, so now I also have an excuse to get a larger camera bag! Some final bullet points for those who like it short and sweet:

  • Incredible price!
  • Increased comfort and balance!
  • Double the battery!
  • Double the controls!

Nikon 105 mm macro 2.8 vs 85 f.1.8 vs 85 macro f.3.5 for portrait?-650537.jpg
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  1. jdeg's Avatar
    great review!
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  2. NikonGreg's Avatar
    My son gave my wife and me these for Christmas. Yes we do have our own Nikon's 2 D90's. They are bulky, but I do like the look and feel of having it on my D90. I do get alot of looks from the point and shoot crowd thinking that I must be a pro photographer. I also like that it comes with a AA battery holder that allows me to switch to it if my 2 batteries need recharged. You won't want to keep this on your camera all of the time, but when you are on an extended shoot, you'll be glad you have it.
    I also like having the command dials and shutter release for when I shoot vertically.
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