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After posting my first shots, happy to show off my photos. People here gave me a lot of encouragement, understanding how proud you can be of your work! Because at one time or another they stood in the same position as I was in, just starting out and learning how to take a photo that isn't just point and shoot. In some cases their experiencing their first shots happened long ago, but they will always remember the feeling of it!
After a while when I stopped glorying in my small victory, I started looking to take more shots. My friend told me after a while that the spider I picked out to shoot was too hard a subject to get a good shot of for a newbie, and that I should try for larger bugs to shoot. Well this made plenty of sense.So since it was rainy outside alot at the time,I started taking shots of things just sitting around the house, namely my wife's nik nacks. Lol
The next bug shot I got once the rain stopped was bigger, but it didn't seem much better than my first shot, even though it was bigger. I admit I was a bit frustrated wondering what I'd need to do to improve the quality of shot I was getting. Then to my rescue came another friend who shared a helpful piece of advice. To put it simply he said to use my tripod,get as close as I could without chasing off the bug, and use the timer or remote to avoid vibrations. Well that advice worked almost magically to improve my macro photos a lot! And with this advice replaying through my head, I took my favorite shot to date.

Here is the little lady! Lol

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  1. Sevenup's Avatar
    That is a very pretty spider! Did you identify it? I like the website, because I like to know what I took a picture of!
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  2. Bill16's Avatar
    Thank you! No I never tried to identify it. I might try that site you mentioned sometime and see if I can!
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  3. crycocyon's Avatar
    Yes that is one beautiful spider. And the background is really quite complimentary both in terms of bokeh and in terms of color. I might crop it a bit tigher, but otherwise really quite nice.
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  4. Bill16's Avatar
    Thank you very much! Since my first time at cropping I cropped my first spider too close, so I've been more careful to err on the side of caution. Lol
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