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    Anyone Shoot Motorsports?

    Just wondering if anyone here shoots motorsports events

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    Re: Anyone Shoot Motorsports?

    Yup, I used to shoot motorcycle races, until our city fathers shut down the local race track. I even made some money at it.

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    Re: Anyone Shoot Motorsports?

    I used to shoot a lot of drag racing stuff and street racing stuff but I sort of drifted away from that a year or two ago because our drag strip sucks and no one really races at the spot anymore because of the police...

    I have my upholstery shop at an old new car store that is now a used car store. The owner rents a bucket truck maybe twice a year to redo all of banners and what not. I usually keep a camera at work and a bucket truck is something I would take a pic of. So I am photographing this guy's bucket truck and he comes over and starts checking out my camera. Turns out he is an autoracing photographer who uses the bucket truck to get above the track and snap pictures and he rents it out on the side to make extra money...
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    Re: Anyone Shoot Motorsports?

    I'll have to watch this site for tips. I'll be going to Richmond the end of April for the Nascar races. I've given up on getting the D7000 by then, but hopefully I'll have amassed enough to get the 70-300mm lens.

    You guys feel free to discuss settings and suggestions. I'll be watching.

    This donut scented car freshener will more than pay for itself next time I get pulled over.

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    Re: Anyone Shoot Motorsports?

    Here is a snap of old boy's bucket truck...

    Since I shot one bucket truck that day I figured why not a few more! lol

    And then late in the afternoon next door at the convenience store I heard a very distinctive noise...the sound of true bad to the bone horsepower...for those of you who know absolutely nothing about crotch rockets the bike depicted in the photo is a particulary heinous one...it is an OLD PRE FI (that is fuel injection hahaha) Honda with tons of modifications...talk about motorsports...very very nasty folks!!!

    All in a days work!

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    Re: Anyone Shoot Motorsports?

    Quote Originally Posted by Stangman98 View Post
    Just wondering if anyone here shoots motorsports events
    I have been shooting NASCAR for over 20 years; what can I do for you?

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    Re: Anyone Shoot Motorsports?

    I was hoping to make it out to the Rolex 24 this past weekend but I was unable to. I've shot some drag racing and plan on taking some pics at the local auto-x when my car is back in racing condition. I have a friend who shoots a lot of motorcycle, grand-am, and touring car racing in NJ. He seems to have a blast, and given my love of all things motorsport I can't wait to get into it more seriously. The only tips I can give are to learn to pan and start out at 1/250th SS to get the sense of speed and motion. As your panning gets better you can drop your SS and still keep the car mostly focused.

    Here is some drag racing I shot at a huge annual VW/Audi show called FixxFest that I covered for Solo Auto Mag:

    FixxFest8 - R32 Launch by FLWill, on Flickr

    FixxFest8 - Rado Drag by FLWill, on Flickr
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    Re: Anyone Shoot Motorsports?

    A from a track day yesterday at goodwood circuit.

    Jaguar coming out of chicane.


    Rowen Atkinson from Mr Bean fame putting this Falcon through it's paces (as well as being a talented actor and extremely funny he's a good driver too )


    A panning shot of a Allard coming out of Woodcote corner.


    Life in the pit lane.


    Mmmm, Four barrel.


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    Re: Anyone Shoot Motorsports?

    CSX 2051 Cobra, coming into woodcote corner at Goodwood.-csx-2051.jpg
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    Re: Anyone Shoot Motorsports?

    I'm not really good at shooting motorsport, but here's a Hypermotard coming down Wesbank at the Kyalami track in South Africa.
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