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    Memory Card Strategy for Nikon D7000 - HELP!!!??

    I was wondering what memory cards and strategy everyone is using for the two card slots on the D7000. I was thinking of using SanDisk Extreme® HD Video SDHC™ 16GB Card in slot 1 with the SanDisk Extreme® HD Video SDHC™ 8GB Card in slot two. What to you think?

    Do you think the Extreme card is needed for this camera?

    Thanks - Got mine through Best Buy on 10/17 and consider myself very lucky.

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    Re: Memory Card Strategy for Nikon D7000 - HELP!!!??

    Lucky you Idegreef, I'm still waiting for my D7000.
    Nikon Sweden has delayed the delivery from 29th of October to 5th of November now!
    Nikon Sweden said in a video that you should have up to 50 MB/seek reading speed SD card for the D7000, but since they're hardly on the market yet, I guess he exaggerated.
    But I guess the writing speed is crucial when you take 6 pics/sec or film in 1080p.
    I think I will buy SD card with writing speed 30MB/Sec to be on the safe side.
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    Re: Memory Card Strategy for Nikon D7000 - HELP!!!??

    Hey there Ide- I'm a lucky 10/17 owner as well... currently running 2 SD cards. First is a Class 10 Delkin and the second a Class 6 PNY. Both are 4gigs. I tested both in "machine gun mode" and noticed the Class 6 PNY card seemed to buffer sooner then the Class 10. When I reviewed the shots I really couldn't find where the Class 6 fell short.
    That being said I really want to pick up some quality cards for both slots and use the 2 I have as back up cards. The Delkin I had before I bought the D7000 and I picked up the PNY as a cheapy second-slot card on my way to a photoshoot in Gettysburg...

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    Re: Memory Card Strategy for Nikon D7000 - HELP!!!??

    Thanks for the tips. I'm taking a two week trip over seas and will be bringing my Mac Pro to download photos and videos. I'm still wondering if I need the Extreme cards that SanDisk makes. Thanks.

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    Re: Memory Card Strategy for Nikon D7000 - HELP!!!??

    2 weeks over seas? Yeah, I'd buy the biggest fastest dang card I could afford... never know when you'll be away from your laptop and have the need to shoot lots of video or snap tons of pics. In a case like that it's far better to be safe then be disappointed!

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    Re: Memory Card Strategy for Nikon D7000 - HELP!!!??

    I used a 8GB HC sandisk card but recording stops when in full hd 24 fps after 10 seconds. this does not happens when i record at 1080x720 at 30 fps with the same card.
    I use a 2 gb sandisk card and i can record full hd with no problem, can anyone explain why with the same brand card but different sizes this problem is happening.


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    Re: Memory Card Strategy for Nikon D7000 - HELP!!!??

    It, more then likely, has to do with the class rating of the cards. I would bet that your 2GB card is rated higher then your 8GB card. I think that Class 6 is the minimum you can use for full HD video. Any slower then that and your card just can't write the information fast enough.

    Here is a nice break down of the Class Ratings for SD cards you might find helpful:
    Secure Digital - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I hope this helps and good luck!

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    Re: Memory Card Strategy for Nikon D7000 - HELP!!!??

    Thanks for all the input on the Memory Card Strategy. For my two week trip I decided to go with relatively inexpensive cards. I bought a 2 pack of 8 GB cards for $57.00. As you can see on the pic below the cards are SanDisk, 8GB, 15MB/s, SDHC, class 4. I shot over 1000 pictures and shot some videos at 1080p and never had a problem. I never needed to max out the shots per second so I'm not sure if these cards would hold up to very high rates, but for my purpose and for this trip they were perfect. I brought my laptop and downloaded the pics each night - took just a few minutes. There may be some reasons to go to Extreme cards and higher class cards, but for my two week Pilgrimage this was a cost effective solution. Thanks again for all the information.

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    Re: Memory Card Strategy for Nikon D7000 - HELP!!!??

    I posted some info on D7000 sd card speed here: D7000 fastest fps in RAW?

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    I have been using 8gb class transcend cards I picked up from Amazon for less than $15 each. Berry happy with them.

    I use them in overflow mode.

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