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    Re: z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2

    z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2
    z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2-6ea48f71-8d4f-4207-8c5c-e72d36a1f430.jpg

    My first Z5 photo ever. Just a snapshot in the evening. It was raining and a million or so mosquitos.

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    Re: z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2

    z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2
    z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2-e5bb1ef0-c1bd-44c9-9e7a-03f013aca803.jpg

    I got my Z5 right in time to enjoy the best time of the year!
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    Re: z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Borga Voffe View Post
    I am a longtime user of fuji xt-2 and D750

    I am upgradiing to something like xt-2 with D750 electronics

    I am 65 and only snapshots of landscape and flowers in Norway

    As fuji xt-4 and z5 are similar in price, that is a tough choice

    Now, the z6 is lowered in price and at a lower price tha these two

    I have no idea what to choose. One thing I know, z6 mark 2 I cannot afford

    My local photo dealer just offered me Z5 plus ftz plus 24-70 lens for just a few bucks more than z6 plus ftz
    I almost jumped at that one.
    For what it's worth, I've decided to stick with my Fuji X-T3 and add a used Z3. Oh wait, you meant Nikon. #facepalm Enjoy your new camera!

    z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2-205956079_10159678154488792_1235652970243308262_n.jpg
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    Re: z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2

    z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2
    Fuji or Nikon, I dont care.
    Fuji was my first digital camera back in 1999
    Nikon F2 was my first proper camera back in 1981.
    Nikon F3 HP was my work horse from 1989 - 2001.

    So I do care. After a few weeks, I realize Nikon Z5 HP do indeed
    give the good old feel of F3HP.
    And I love 24-50 lens
    it reminds me kind of the Micro-Nikkor 55 /3.5
    which was the only lens I owned these years. Dad owned a Nikkormat EL and a Nikkor 43-86 zoom.

    z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2-76d64cca-a0d0-4170-b95e-44892eb85cb3.jpg
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    Re: z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2

    I'm glad your enjoying the camera. Keep up the good work. Keep posting your images

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    Orchids by Z5

    z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2
    z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2-0512c7f3-8fd8-4269-a3ef-4e76a06868c1.jpg

    As is now, it works!
    The 24-50 do give the magic even in darkest shadows!
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    Re: z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2

    I am glad you are enjoying the Z5. I felt sure that you would. Especially given your choice of material. Beautiful stuff...

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    Re: z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2

    z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2
    I bought the Z5 couple of months ago when it was on sale for C$1300 (US$1000) with a free FTZ adapter.
    I don't have any Z lens yet and currently I'm using Z5 with F-mount lenses while still keeping my 6-yr-old D750.
    Here's one of my photos taken with Z5 and 24-85mm f3.5-4.5
    z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2-_dsc0253mr.jpg
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    z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2
    z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2-93975d62-7c16-4c98-886d-a43f5fdfd514.jpg

    Ths is getting better and better each day!

    This at 50 mm at a distance of 35 cm

    The plant is about 10 cm high. Its a cotton deergrass.

    Happy now!
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    Re: z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2

    z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2

    z5 or z6 or z6 mark 2-64770977-64e4-4c11-adba-efd34792ecdb.jpg

    110 bucks for the B+W 010 UV-haze
    90 for the Smallrig 2947
    10 for the hood
    5 for the op/tech strap, nice old strap, my fav

    I guess that pretty much sums it all up …
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