I was reading a thread over on the Backcountry Gallery Forums when I came across one talking about cleaning a Z6ii sensor. I will post one of the comments below. Has anyone heard about hot pixel issues with the mirrorless bodies?


I agree with Bleirer. Those spots look very much like hot pixels, especially when they show up so bright white on a black background. I suggest you test for that per his suggestion. Apparently Thom Hogan mentions in his new e-book on the Z6/7 cameras that manually activating the Clean Sensor Now feature a couple of times in a row will help reduce the incidence of these faulty pixels.
For cleaning the sensor on my Z6II I always start with the blower. If that does not work I use the Eyelead sensor gel stick https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0046VBEE0/. These two methods have kept first my Z6 and lately my Z6II sensors clean (also my DSLR's prior to the MILC). I also have an Arctic Butterfly brush but I haven't used that since I got the gel stick. My last resort would be a wet swab - I have those as well.

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