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    Well, I did something really stupid

    So, I was messing around with a fisheye lens. TTAritsan 7.5 f/2 on my Z6. In FX, it renders a circular fisheye. I have the 11mm FX version as well, and I was sure that in DX mode it would look the same as the 11mm in FX. Someone wanted to know what it would actually look like on a APSC camera Nikon z50. So I tried to put it in DX mode. Everything I tried, nothing happened. I even did a reset believe it or not. It still remained in FX.
    Call to Nikon.... they escalated the call to a supervisor and said they would email me a response since they weren't exactly sure what was going on.
    About an hour after the call... I decided to look at it again. Dummy me, I was trying to put it in DX in the video tab! And since this lens doesn't have electrical contacts, the camera won't automatically switch modes since it doesn't know what kind of lens is mounted.
    I never use Video ever. Wasn't even paying attention as I only saw DX and FX choices in the menu. Finally went up to the Photo shooting menu and there it was. LOL.

    This is one moment I really do feel stupid. But, since I don't ever use the camera for video, I wish there was a way you could hide all those settings so you never see them.

    Guess this was a April fools joke played on myself.

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    Re: Well, I did something really stupid

    We've all been there. The specifics may differ...but we've all been there.

    Glad you got it working in the end!
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    Re: Well, I did something really stupid

    Nah, not really stupid. Live and learn. Some people will do silly things like wonder why the AF won't do anything, and a day later discover the lens is on manual. Me? I never do anything like that.
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