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    Z5 in low light

    Z5 in low light
    The attached photos were taken with auto ISO at 12800, and with 24-70 f4 S lens.
    The focus was instantaneous and no visible noise in the dark areas.
    Z5 in low light-_dsc0749r.jpgZ5 in low light-_dsc0751r.jpg

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    Re: Z5 in low light

    The 6 is supposed to be better at low light due to their backlit sensor. Still, the Z5 is supposed to be better than the crop sensors. I was a little disappointed that my new Z5 wasn't head an shoulders better in resolution than the entry level crop sensor it replaced. I'm not disappointed in the camera overall, I was just hoping to see a bigger jump in rez. I would have loved to have gotten a Z7, but just too much $$$.

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    Re: Z5 in low light

    You should buy a Samsung phone with 47-200 MP but I don't think it'd help you take better pictures.
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    Re: Z5 in low light

    Nice photos, TieuNgao. When you get the exposure right the Z bodies can return some great results. I think that the Z5 is an amazing camera. I have 2 friends at my church that I helped purchase Z5s and they too have been taking some great photos. I just like how the Z platform cameras perform. I have not messed with the Z50 but the Z 6, 7, and 5 have all been great. Yes, I am a fan of the glass as well.
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