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    Nikon announced a new Z DX lens today

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    Re: Nikon announced a new Z DX lens today

    They are slowly developing the Z lens lineup.
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    Re: Nikon announced a new Z DX lens today

    There are obviously many who have switched to mirrorless and are happy having done so, however there appears to be many that are sticking in the DSLR camp.
    Although there are now more mirrorless cameras being sold than DSLR's, there are far less cameras being sold than pre mirrorless times. So I would guess there are far more DLSR's in use than mirrorless.
    Unlike a couple of decades ago when there appeared to be a mad rush to switch from film to digital, it just doesn't seem to be happening this time.
    Of course there is likely to be more than one single reason eg. cost, ergonomics, compatability etc, but from my own point of view there is just not enough additional features to temp me at this stage.
    So if you haven't switched is there any particular reason or are you still intending to do so in the future?
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    Re: Nikon announced a new Z DX lens today

    Strange the new lens lost a stop of light at the long end over the previous AF-S lens. Surely, they'll justify that with sharpness and vignette, but my copy of the AF-S 18-140 is plenty sharp and dark corners are easily fixed in post. It'll be interesting to see a comparison between the two.

    I still use DSLR's even after upgrading to the Z6, but my use has changed a little. The Z has become my daily shooter for shots between 14-300 in most lighting conditions. It's so much more portable and the user experience is much more enjoyable, IMO. My D7500 has been repurposed to a telephoto setup with a Sigma 150-600 almost permanently attached, and the D800 sits there waiting with either a Tamron 15-30 f2.8 or Tamron 85 f1.8 for the low light or portrait shots since I don't have a proper lens for the Z6 yet to cover that use.
    I assume the DSLR crowd has very little to justify the jump if they're happy with their experience. At least, nothing like the promise of not having to develop film any longer. Until you use the mirrorless system and experience it first hand, its hard to explain whats better and why. I for one, didnt realize how painfully slow image transfers took until using the XQD. I also really enjoy the focus peaking and IBIS offered with the Z6. I would buy another Z before I bought another DSLR at this point, and that Zfc is mighty tempting!
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    Re: Nikon announced a new Z DX lens today

    Quote Originally Posted by Needa View Post
    They are slowly developing the Z lens lineup.
    True but I suspect that DX Z primes from Nikon are unlikely. Yes, I know that full frame Z primes will work on my Z50 and that I can mount my DX 35mm f/1.8 by using the FTZ adapter that I got as part of the two lens kit. For me, neither approach is particularly satisfying. For that reason, I looking seriously at the Viltrox Z DX primes.
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    Re: Nikon announced a new Z DX lens today

    The new lens looks to be a bit lighter than the AF-S DX version, but I’ve already got one of those and an FTZ adapter, so I guess a new one would be redundant.

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