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    Some whale photos

    Some whale photos
    Some whale photos, they were a fair way out off the headland. They are 'ok' snaps that I thought I'd share.

    Some whale photos-_dsc0444-edit.jpg

    Some whale photos-_dsc0436-edit.jpg

    Some whale photos-_dsc0418.jpg

    Some whale photos-_dsc0428-edit.jpg

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    Some of my photos in albums here on Flickr
    My Facebook page Bear Dale

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    Re: Some whale photos

    i bet you wished you had the 500mm on?

    good shots anyway.
    Learn to laugh at yourself, everyone else is.
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    Re: Some whale photos

    Rare subject. Thanks
    "Remember to gaze up at the night sky because there is a little bit of the cosmos in each of us."

    Um yeahhhh, I shoot a lot of pics of my dogs.
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    Re: Some whale photos

    Some whale photos
    Some whale photos-71189766-be85-45fd-b445-3d2beaae2213.jpegHere is a sequence of 9 s
    hots of a Sperm Whale about to dive to feed on giant squid , 10 km off coat of Kaikura in New Zealand

    Some whale photos-220da3ff-66dd-463a-a17a-f4141f479ce7.jpegyou

    Some whale photos-472e336a-8bb6-4c55-b2ad-4730a38894eb.jpeg

    Some whale photos-a1f0f35a-8037-404c-896c-d762b24698c5.jpeg

    Some whale photos-2e1a6875-f44e-4c79-81bc-14b9b7727568.jpeg

    Some whale photos-897b89d0-efaf-4ace-bc57-2a72d6948ffb.jpeg

    Some whale photos-bf20cef8-af45-4f12-b662-e0169d075b41.jpeg

    Some whale photos-711f1c8e-e769-45dd-aafe-d9dda20057ad.jpeg

    Some whale photos-7d32b670-bac6-4382-af58-488d5e4f0904.jpeg
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