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    WANTED: Nikon 200mm f2 vr1 or 2 UK

    Looking for a Nikon 200mm f2 vr1 or 2 in the UK only. I have cash waiting. Have been searching for the right lens for a while now but the few I have been to see are riddles with fungus. Cash on collection only please.

    You can check for fungus by shining a light through the front element. Here is what a bad copy will look like.

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    Re: WANTED: Nikon 200mm f2 vr1 or 2 UK

    WANTED: Nikon 200mm f2 vr1 or 2 UK
    There is one here in Finland and since you can get airline tickets London-Helsinki-London for 25 euros (21 pounds) you could fly over and collect it yourself. I am not affiliated with the company selling the lens:


    Be sure to buy the carbon fibre HK-30 lens hood which is much narrower, lighter and tougher than the original ridiculous tin hat HK-31 that flares out like a trumpet. Nikon itself lists the HK-30 as the alternative hood for AF-S VR 200/2, and it is way way better than the tin hat.

    Here is my 200/2 vr2 with the HK-30 and the much sturdier RRS foot.

    _D3S2685 by foppa2011, on Flickr
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    Re: WANTED: Nikon 200mm f2 vr1 or 2 UK

    Hens teeth these on the second hand market, which means they come at a price!

    You can get a Grey market one new for less

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