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    D7200 for some video projects vs Canon

    I am interested in shooting some short promotional videos for my business (horse training) using a DSLR. I have watched some videos on YouTube on this topic. It seems that Canon DSLR's are preferred by some. How does the the D7200 rate as a video choice? I already own it so I would prefer not to buy a used Canon for this project, and some lens to go along with it. I read that sound quality is more important than video quality. I purchased a Rode mic and a clip on mic that clips on to your shirt (Purple Panda) this was a very nice kit for $20.00 !. I don't want to over think this, and buy equipment that I don't need.

    some feedback on lens choices and D7200 video tips would be helpful

    If anyone can recommend any videos on you tube on this topic that would be worth while that would be a help

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    Re: D7200 for some video projects vs Canon

    Well I've been using the Nikon D7100 for about a year and a couple of months to shoot at least 9 music videos and 4 short films with it and it outperformed the Canon we used to use before that in every single way. Granted I'm moving onto much more professional equipment because from a hobby that I started with my Nikon got me to do what I love.
    So if you have the time. Plan out everything you want to shoot and don't over complicate stuff. You watch how you shoot like the correct white balance and good exposure. You shouldn't have a problem filming with the D7200.
    But keep in mind it's a compressed video files so the less fixing it in post the more getting it right in camera is your motto.

    Good luck

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    Re: D7200 for some video projects vs Canon

    thank you for responding to my post I will practice, and work on getting my setting and exposure correct. Can you message me some of the links to the videos you shot, I would like to see how they look thank you M

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