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    Is Adobe Lightroom 5 good?

    Is Adobe Lightroom 5 good?
    1 chilly night, Steve asked me to mention the 1 tune in the pop pantheon I wanted I had written. When a man asks you a question like this, you know that he already has his response figured out, and so I advised him to go first. This man, my favorite guitar-slinging, hard-partying, Cadillac-driving guy around the town ... attached to some quaint Brazilian samba?
    To present a somewhat Carrie Bradshaw-esque query: What exactly do the tunes we love say about people?
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    We skirt about recognizing it in our everyday lives, the power of some fantastic pop tune. If it is a cliche, it has probably got a chorus. Karaoke competitions such as American Idol have been bottom-feeders because of our loving feelings about gloomy songs that state so much better.
    Me? Sad music? I have an entire library. Cancer stole Steve away from me last year and left a massive silence I hunted to meet. Steve and I first met during our careers in the audio industry. We were both professionals and lovers, music junkies who listened avidly to all genres, in all times of the night and day. Even the soundtrack of the relationship is very wealthy and sentimental as well as habituated for me personally because there's so much to pick from -- taken jointly, it is as daunting and varied as these eponymous compilations hawked around Time-Life infomercials.
    Even the soundtrack of my love for Steve would need to become a DVD boxed set -- because you would require all of my memory video clips to genuinely know and appreciate it. Much like the Afghan Whigs song I'd on the turntable if Steve charmed me by displaying to the deejay gig at a local club; it'll constantly conjure up the butterflies I felt at that instant. Or the tune we watched lip-synched several hundred times, as we all camped all night out at the rainy roads of Toronto creating a movie to get a flash-in-the-pan boy group. Or the day forces with radio Q107 satisfying the auto speakers, the Sunday morning coffee Sade, the two thirds Billie Holiday, the Fleetwood Mac which blared from the background that the previous time I ever snuggled with Steve in his living room couch.
    Most upsetting in my personal memory bank would be the tunes that kept me company in the previous week of Steve's life, my stereo behaving as the best friend who understood just what to say at a minute suspended between misery, relief and dread.
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    Is Adobe Lightroom 5 good?-6rsgrf1.jpg

    I believe that the real genius of a tune lurks at the catch at the neck of this singer, the disposition shift from major to minor, the perfect chord progression, the aggravation that a notice twisted in the end can create from the pit of a gut. We love a fantastic pop tune because it's frequently the things we wish we can say, with all of the elegance and cadence we do not possess.
    Some tunes are nearly sleazy in their opinion, as though they're copping a sense of my heart. I am sometimes ashamed at the way I cling to this clearly well-placed grab. The protagonist of this tune does not wallow in self-pity, also he does not self-destruct: Instead, he moves to some skydiving, bull-riding, woman-loving joyride including all the emotional abandon he never allowed him experience when he was not staring his mortality at the face. And every 3 minutes and 30 seconds of the schlock about the radio inquires -- no, divides me into -- a reverie at which I could gently honor a life lived large.
    It is cruelly coincidental that among the greatest bands Steve ever worked with composed the tune that functioned poignantly because his eulogy. A genre-defining hair group ballad from the early '90s, Over expressions catapulted Extreme into the peak of the stone charts -- and also a brief decade after the group's two frontmen would return in front of Steve's casket at his funeral to perform their own aching song of some heart torn into two. "Greater than words to show you are feeling, that your love for me is genuine... " The avalanche of tears which performance elicited in the countless grieving people within the synagogue was pop up catharsis in its most nude screen.
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    Sometimes most of us must begin crying, or even to yell again, or even to shout just a little longer to say goodbye. And sometimes there is nothing greater than a tune to flip the emotional tap on.

    Amber Meredith along with her CD series reside in Toronto.

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    Re: Is Adobe Lightroom 5 good?

    Lightroom 5 is no longer current. You can still buy LR 6 or go for Adobe CC photography plan which is $10 a month and includes the latest versions of Lightroom and Photoshop.


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    Re: Is Adobe Lightroom 5 good?

    And yes, Lightroom is very good, and much easier to use than Photoshop. It often takes less than a minute to get a ho-hum image to shine.

    Just don't expect any miracles. The most important tool for a good image is still the thing that's a few inches behind the camera.
    Lothar Katz

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    Re: Is Adobe Lightroom 5 good?

    If you have not used an image editing program before, you might like to try Nikon NX-D. It's free.

    Nikon | Capture NX-D

    I prefer Lightroom (and I'm still using 5.7) but NX-D will allow you to edit your photos, and might at least be a place to start. An advantage of Lightroom is that many people use it, so there are a lot of videos and help tips, and then if you have a specific question there is a larger community.

    Quote Originally Posted by adr34531 View Post
    So I've been looking into getting a photoshop I've been looking at the adobe Lightroom 5 I've heard good things about I just wanted something simple to start out with because I never used a photo shop before. If anyone could help me and let me know what you think or if you know a good photoshop to use. Thanks!
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    Re: Is Adobe Lightroom 5 good?

    There's some news about Lightroom, the subscription and perpetual versions:


    If it's true that the standalone version of Lightroom "will no longer be updated with camera support or bug fixes after the end of 2017", and that's apparently a quote from Tom Hogarty at Adobe, then that also ends my support of Lightroom. I'll be moving to a new product like Capture One. This really REALLY annoys me.

    The original question in this thread was "Is Lightroom 5 good?" Yes. I use it and I like it. But this news changes my advice. If you are a subscriber already, or you want to subscribe to Adobe's cloud service plan, then Lightroom makes sense. If you do NOT want to subscribe to Adobe's cloud service plan, then I would NOT start learning Lightroom.
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    Re: Is Adobe Lightroom 5 good?

    I use LR 6.9, the last non-subscription version. Quite honestly, I don't care whether Adobe continues supporting it or not. I have not run into any bugs, and to use it with new cameras that may no longer be supported, I either use Adobe's free DNG converter or DxO Optics Pro, which also converts into DNG format. That conversion is lossless and more future-proof than Nikon's NEF format anyway, so archiving and processing DNG images makes sense anyway. That way, LR will remain usable as long as I want to use it without me having to pay anything.
    Lothar Katz

    Nikon D700, D500, D7100, 200-500 f/5.6, 300 f/4 PF, 55-200 f/4-5.6, 50mm f/1.8 - Tamron 60 f/2 Macro - Sigma 17-70 f/2.8-4 - Tokina 12-28 f/4 - Yongnou YN568 - Panasonic TZ101 (a.k.a. ZN100) - Photoshop CS6 - Lightroom 6 - DXO PhotoLab - Aurora HDR 2018

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