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    Re: Back Button Focus - How To Use

    Quote Originally Posted by J-see View Post
    Did you try and switch? I'm hooked to the back button. I was walking the dogs today and had the cam with me. By using the back button I could easily shoot single-handed while still holding the dogs with the other. When pressing, you automatically tighten your grip. I also fully switched to group focus to track. It's a slightly bigger area than the single point which improves staying on target but it isn't that big the focus jumps to something else.

    It makes capturing flight so much easier.
    No not had the weather to try any thing lately

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    Re: Back Button Focus - How To Use

    Thats a great video tutorial as posted by Fotojack so i thought i would give it a go on my D7100, my first thoughts are its a great way of focusing however i look through the viewfinder with my left eye and as a result my thumb is in my right eye when its on the back button focus which is quite uncomfortable.
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    Re: Back Button Focus - How To Use

    Wow, thanks sonic- that was the best tip I've gotten in weeks (I, fairly new) , Thank you. Paul

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    Re: Back Button Focus - How To Use

    Came across this interesting web site and thought it might be of some use to our newer shooters, and possibly even our more experienced shooters. So, for what it's worth:

    Photography / Camera / Video Tutorial | NIKON-TUTORIALS
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