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    Carrying strap for a 200-500

    Hi Guys
    I too, am looking for a good carrying strap or harness for my 200-500 when in the field! Makes no difference if has a quick release. Your thoughts would be most helpful.

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    Re: Carrying strap for a 200-500

    Carrying strap for a 200-500
    If you are looking for a carrying case, the Think Tank Digital Holster 150 would be my choice for a lens that big and heavy. I also have the optional Think Tank Speed Belt.

    As for a strap, you really should only use a strap that attaches to the tripod foot of the lens. That will help prevent any damage to the body's mount from the excess weight. For a strap, I use the Black Rapid Cross Strap. It has a rubber shoulder pad which doesn't move around as easily as the shoulder pads on their regular straps. Plus this particular strap is ambidextrous whereas the regular Black Rapid straps are for right OR left-handed users (must choose one).


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    Re: Carrying strap for a 200-500

    i have a Black Rapid strap for my 60-600, i can carry it no problems for a few hours.
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    Re: Carrying strap for a 200-500

    I use the Peak Design Slide neck strap. Its heavy duty and easy to swap from body to body with the "earrings" each of my camera bodies wear. When I go out with my 150-600, I attach one of the earrings to the bottom of the tripod foot on the lens instead of the left side of the camera body. This distributes the weight of the camera and lens to both the camera and lens and doesn't leave the full weight of the lens hanging off the mount. I wear the strap around my neck and under the arm on my right which allows me to rest the setup comfortably aside with easy access for the next shot while the PD Slide allows adjustments for extra clothing without feeling tangled.
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    Re: Carrying strap for a 200-500

    I use a BlackRapid RS-4 with my D500 and Sigma 100-400mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary lens.
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    Re: Carrying strap for a 200-500

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    Re: Carrying strap for a 200-500

    I have used a lot of things. I used my Peak Design Slide strap attached to the tripod foot. That works pretty well. I do like the attachment method. I also like my Cotton Carrier. It distributes the weight better and after a while that made difference. Now, when i take it out I use my mono pod and carry it on my shoulder. It is a Gitzo mono pod that I got at an amazing price with a Wimberley MonoPod Gimbal head.

    The mono pod is what I use now if I go out with the 200-500 f5.6. It is just heavy enough that it is not any fun to hand hold anymore.

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