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    Nikon 28-300 focus ring issues

    My 28-300 lens, about four years old now when auto-focused at a distance anywhere from 28mm to 75mm will show the focus ring at about 50 feet or less. The photos it takes appear to be sharp but the focus ring has clearly gotten out of whack. At the longer end about 75mm and longer, it properly shows focus at or close to infinity. I had my local shop look at it and they say they can't fix it and I will need to send it to Nikon. Has anyone experienced similar issues with the focus ring?

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    Re: Nikon 28-300 focus ring issues

    If the photos it produces then why bother with the ring? I honestly never look at mine.
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    Re: Nikon 28-300 focus ring issues

    Quote Originally Posted by Don Kuykendall View Post
    If the photos it produces then why bother with the ring? I honestly never look at mine.
    If it would be covered under warranty, the lens might be worth a little more if it is ever sold. Did you buy the lens new? Is it a US lens or grey market?

    If you send it to Nikon, you need to go through their website to send it in. If you can take a photo of it and upload it with your claim, they might be able to let you know ahead of time if it is covered by the lens warranty. Usually their lenses have a limited 5-year warranty.

    By the way, if you do send it in, be sure to remove any filters from the front and just include the front and rear caps.
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    Re: Nikon 28-300 focus ring issues

    If you send it to Nikon, it goes to Los Angeles... plan on two solid weeks for shipping... It cost $175.00 to fix the VR on mine when it stopped working... let that be your guide...

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