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    Tamron 150-600 g2 & old body

    Hi Guys,
    Having a D90 body, with no plans of upgrading it (just because it works perfectly fine), I've recently moved to Shetland. Never was really interested in bird photography until now, wildlife is just a few steps away and it's difficult to ignore it.

    The question is - does pairing a Tamron 150-600 2nd generation lens with an old body have sense? Does anybody here have experience with such a set?

    Any thoughts?



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    Re: Tamron 150-600 g2 & old body

    That lens will work great on the D90...

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    Re: Tamron 150-600 g2 & old body

    Howdy Martin and welcome to Nikonites!

    It looks like @FredKingston was able to give you first hand experience with that lens and the older D90, but I still wanted to welcome you to the site.

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    Re: Tamron 150-600 g2 & old body

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride.
    Brent: Poway, CA
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    Re: Tamron 150-600 g2 & old body


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    Re: Tamron 150-600 g2 & old body

    Thanks all for the warm welcome

    @FredKingston - no issues with AF, speed?

    All the best,

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    Re: Tamron 150-600 g2 & old body

    You shouldn't have any. That lens has its own focus motor...so if you have issues with focus, it'll be on Tamron's end and not Nikon's... The D90 has been compared favorably with the Nikon D300 and some think it was a bit better... Sticking any newer current 3rd. party lenses with a built in focus motor on that camera should be fine... I regret selling my D90 off years ago...

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    Re: Tamron 150-600 g2 & old body

    Welcome to the site Martin!

    "The natural man must know in order to believe; The spiritual man must believe in order to know. " ~ Aiden Wilson Tozer ~ "The Dwelling Place of God"

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