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    "Did you find this post helpful?" opinions

    Currently we have an addon that allows you say if a post was helpful or not. The most helpful post in a thread is then linked to from the top of the thread and then highlighted. The user also gets 'reputation' (those green things under your username).

    Here's an example of what things look like:

    There is a new system that allows you to 'like' a post in a similar manner. It is a little cleaner and uses a 'like box' at the top of the thread to indicate which posts are most 'liked'. The facebook like moves to the bottom of the thread.

    Here is what it looks like:
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    So what do you think? Keep the old or move to the new?

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    Re: "Was this post helpful?" opinions

    I don't like the Like.
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    Re: "Was this post helpful?" opinions

    If it would make it more visible, then I'd vote for the newer style.
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    Re: "Was this post helpful?" opinions

    As Marcel says the new system seems to be more visible. Will it be used more, only time would tell. I would agree with Marcel. The new system may generate more usage because it is more visible.
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    Re: "Was this post helpful?" opinions

    The "like" is more visable and would probably be used more, But..., Liking something doesn't mean it was "helpful". Guess it depends what the objective is. I would vote for "like", as a general sense of approval or recognition. By the way, I found your post helpful and I like it . Perhaps we can have our cake and eat it, too?
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    Re: "Did you find this post helpful?" opinions

    I can see merit in both approaches. To me the question is whether you intend to leverage Reputation Ratings in some manner. If not, then I would go with the Like feature. As others said it is more visible and probably more importantly more familiar in the Facebook age.
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    Re: "Did you find this post helpful?" opinions

    The reputation system is really an afterthought (and convoluted feature that has been with vbulletin since the beginning) that happens to hook into the current 'helpful' system. I would like to stop using it to simplify things honestly.

    The new like system is missing a reporting feature (for the admins) which I think they plan on adding. This would be useful for running contests for users with the most liked posts, for example.

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    Re: "Did you find this post helpful?" opinions

    I "like" the like button. And I agree with you 100%. The forum reputation feature is antiquated, and never really was worth much in the first place.

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    Re: "Did you find this post helpful?" opinions

    The new system has been installed.

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