1. Bikerbrent

    syoR (Roys) thread 3

    Glad you told me. I never would have guessed it was half a duck decoy.
  2. Bikerbrent

    Woody's 2022 Photon Quest

    nice collection of Ducks, Woody
  3. Bikerbrent

    Abstract Stuff.....your interpretation of whatever you choose.

    Nice abstract photos, nikonpup. I like them.
  4. Bikerbrent

    Dangerous Spouse Pics

    Yes Dangerspouse, I like your Still Life.
  5. Bikerbrent

    New Forum

    Yes, I have found many small issues with the XenForo platform. Some of them I got fixed (some on my own and other issues with help. But I still have many issues that I am just living with them. Hoping that I or someone else resolves the problems. It is too bad that we can't still work with the...
  6. Bikerbrent

    Woody's 2022 Photon Quest

    Bummer Woody, get well soon! ⚕️
  7. Bikerbrent

    Post your Raptors

    Yes Andy, your bird made a large mess!!
  8. Bikerbrent

    Nikon D3000 AF-Mode Assistance

    Welcome aboard, enjoy the ride. We look forward to seeing more posts and samples of your work. You might also want to consider introducing yourself on New Member Introductions.
  9. Bikerbrent

    Post Your Birds (3)

    The bird is having fun with the bird house and food!!
  10. Bikerbrent

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Yes happy turkey day (assuming you can afford them). ;)
  11. Bikerbrent

    Black & white images with one selective colour

    Robstopper, nice American airplane from from the United Kingdom. Like your B&W photos.
  12. Bikerbrent

    Post your church shots

    Interesting photo Gobae. nicely done!!
  13. Bikerbrent

    We Have moved

    Congratulation Scott Murray. Enjoy your new house with 8 Acres of trees and pasture (lucky guy).
  14. Bikerbrent

    New Forum

    I'll just live with what I have. I am very tired of fiddling with this program and risking everything important with me. I am really beginning to miss the old program!!
  15. Bikerbrent

    New Forum

    I tried just updating my FireFox, but no help! If I totally delete Firefox, then I reinstall it, will I lose an data? If so, I will live with what i have!
  16. Bikerbrent

    New Forum

    OK, here is the latest! Marilynne (with Hark assistance) got both Google Chrome and Microsoft Bing working great . However Firefox is back to it's game. Nikonites - Nikon User Community still works great. However, nikonites.com is back to the previous issue of displaying weird data. Fred...
  17. Bikerbrent

    New Forum

    Yes, the Bikerbrent Test is gone now. Thank you both.
  18. Bikerbrent

    Post your latest purchases.

    Yes TwistedThrottle, I also have the 80-200 and it is a great lens.
  19. Bikerbrent

    New Forum

    I spoke too soon. Firefox is working OK, but it is picking up my Bikerbrent test instead of just Bikerbrent. No body seems able to delete the Bikerbrent Page!! :mad:
  20. Bikerbrent

    New Forum

    Hey Fred, It looks like this worked. Will work with it some more and let you know. Thank you very much!!!! :)