Considering a 365 for 2018? Post photos for all 365 days on Nikonites for 2018 and receive a $50 gift card at the end of the year! (contest terms & conditions apply)

To be eligible you must:
  • produce your own images
  • post 365 photos in a thread in the 365 forum - "username's 365 2018"
  • take at least one picture on the corresponding day of the year (with the exception of the Jan 15th rule below)
  • label what day each photo corresponds to, "Day #"
  • start your 365 no later than Jan 15th (must still post previous 15 photos)
  • be able to receive an Amazon gift card

Contest ends December 31st 2018.

Please tag your threads with "365 2018"

You can start your 365 project here. (click on "Post New Thread")

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