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    08-21-2017 11:34 PM
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    I'm buying a new D500 this week. I have done considerable research and I have decided that I will buy at one of the following: 1)...
    by Dave Hamilton on 08-21-2017 11:34 PM
    one of the best cameras ever, that Nikon produced for the non pro. I'm sure that it's due partly to the sensor, was it made by Panasonic??? tough, reliable with decent battery life. forget the...
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      • 20.9MP DX format CMOS sensor and EXPEED 5 image processor
      • Multi-CAM 20K Autofocus sensor with 153/99 AF points
      • ISO range of 100-51,200 expandable to Lo 1 and Hi 5 (50 – 1,640,000 equivalent)
      • Share images instantly with built-in SnapBridge (Wi-Fi® + Bluetooth) capabilities
      • Shoot cinematic 4K UHD video
      • Dual card slots - XQD and SD media

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    Review of Product: D500
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      Dave Hamilton's Avatar

      Re: D500

      I'm buying a new D500 this week. I have done considerable research and I have decided that I will buy at one of the following:

      1) Acm9VUxM3743U8JWnD8xu9GayIidLwJZrDVf4XgZwAVABpUwaA hRA8P8HAQ - $1896.95 (no tax)

      2) - $1896.95 (no Tax)

      3) - $1899.99 + 9% Tax

      4) - $1899.95 (Tax???)

      Other than Tax I can't find a difference between the four stores, All give free shipping on this product. All have USA warranty.

      My thoughts are that if everything is within $3 then I don't know why I would not buy directly from Nikon? Is there a reason I do not want to do this?

      Best Buy took themselves out of the running because they charge $171 in tax raising their price to $2071. I have $500 in gift certificates to Best Buy but that comes off the price after tax is added so 1/3 of my gift cards would go to tax. I can use the gift cards to buy batteries, cards, a new flash, a grip, etc...

      Comments please! I trust the people on this site. I'm waiting until next Monday to buy because I have been told there may be a one day sale for Labor Day.
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