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    Nikkor 35 O f/2 lens.


    I am loving this lens. It was a pre-AI version. I modded it to use on my Nikon's. What is the consensus opinion on this fine glass?


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    Re: Nikkor 35 O f/2 lens.

    I know you posted this a few months back, but seeing as no one has replied.....

    I owned this lens and used it for years on an F2a (I had mine modded as well) and LOVED it. Great lens and mine was plenty sharp. In fact, I am trying to find a good specimen right now that doesn't get too pricey...I would like to use it with my D700.

    I like the 35mm focal length....wide but not so wide it becomes an 'effect'. It is a great all around travel and / or street lens IMO. I love the old Nikkors too...I wish they still built lenses this way.

    Great setup you have there. I always thought the F3 was a fantastic body. I went straight from an F2 to an F4 and didn't discover the F3 for several years....what a missed opportunity. If Nikon made a digital back for the F3, I would buy one again in a heartbeat.

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    Re: Nikkor 35 O f/2 lens.

    Such a nice kit right there! Having sold my 40mm f2 Voigtlander recently, I will grab a nice 35mm next.

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