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    500mm f5.6 pf

    Looks like there are none of the 500mm F5.6 pf lenses in Canada yet. Has anyone in Canada got one yet? They seem to be not available in the USA either... Just wondering what's going on...

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    Re: 500mm f5.6 pf

    I've had one order since early November. 1st estimate was 4 weeks, then 5, then 6,.... still waiting. :-/

    EDIT: Just checked & I actually ordered mine on 10/16/18. Tic-tok.....
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    Re: 500mm f5.6 pf

    Some one on a bird watching forum claims he got his on the 6th of Nov, keeps saying he hasnt had time to use it, believe what you want with that.


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    Re: 500mm f5.6 pf

    The 500mm f5.6 pf is on fire in terms of demand/sales. In Canada, you will be lucky to see one if you order it today, by APRIL! When you do get yours, do you mind just posting you got it, I am curious how long it is taking.

    I have gotten a very, very small amount of time on one and it is an unbelievable lens. Light, reasonably fast (I can't completely verify this as I haven't had a chance to actually test it in the field), and takes an amazing image. Again, take that with a caveat, using it in a fixed location not of my choosing is not really testing it.... but I was blown away with the small test.

    If it wasn't $5K, I would already have one. I need to test it properly first and check the images before I will plop that money down. If there is any consolation, DP Review raves over the lens.


    I am not surprised. I have tested the 300mm pf lens and it is stellar! Again, the key feature being extremely light weight and amazingly sharp. I used it covering a Blondie concert and by contract, I can't post it anywhere other than the publication I published it in. If you want to see it, you have to go to FACEBOOK and download the magazine. It is a free download.

    You can find it in the PINNED POST here:


    pg 45, full page image

    If I needed a 300mm, this would be my first choice. I am sure the 500mm will perform equally as good or better.
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    Re: 500mm f5.6 pf

    Not what I was hoping to hear, but I was advised today that it will probably be early February before I receive mine.

    At least I have a replacement foot & LeansCoat for it. :-/

    Regarding the 300 PF, I agree. It is a really nice piece piece of glass. If the 500 is as good (or better?), I'll be happy - if I live to see it arrive.

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