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    NX Studio new version 1.2

    NX Studio new version 1.2
    I use NX for cataloging and some editing, I use Affinity for final editing if needed. This version seems to have some very interesting additions. I would think these would work for other editors you may be using.

    With this addition as an example, I have Affinity set up in NX "open with" to enable going directly there saving time re-finding to image in explorer. Now with this update you can open the image with choices (see example of a NEF file in NX and NX's open with dialog to Affinity). If you chose .JPEG it includes the edits from the NX sidecar when it opens in Affinity (assume it would do this for your favorite editor as well). This is huge to my work flow as the most used tool for me is the color control points in NX. Concerning editors it seems no one has all the tools (just my opinion). Another major improvement may be image sizing expansion (see changes).

    Seems Nikon is really improving their free stuff -- Bill

    NX Studio new version 1.2-nx-affinity.jpg

    NX Studio new version 1.2-nx-v1.2.jpg

    Some additional findings -- I discovered an annoying (just me) new added feature. It makes sense this is needed but.. the new option to open in another program different ways has something to watch out for. Be sure you know where the "copies" are stored so you can manage them (so they do not build unnecessary space) the default was normal root drive photo folder (Drive C on windows) no matter how you open the photo it saves a "copy" where ever you point it to. I simply pointed it to a folder I will keep cleaned out. I wanted to point this out as its new as well.

    NX Studio new version 1.2-new-save-location.jpg

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