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    Topaz is Driving Me a Little Crazy

    I use Topaz Denoise and Sharpen AI and like them both. The company drives me a little crazy, though. They have an update available so frequently that it seems like almost every time I open the program there is a notice about a new version. I guess I should be glad that they are staying on top of things, but at times I have uploaded the new version and found that something doesn't work quite as well, or that I don't really like the interface change.

    A couple of days ago I updated bit Sharpen and DeNoise and after I could not use either as a Plug-in from Lightroom. I quick trip to customer support and I discovered an "easy" fix for DeNoise provided by Topaz.


    This involved deinstalling, resetting some Lightroom preferences, then reinstalling.

    I followed these instructions, and after a couple of tries, I got it right and I was back in business. But, what about Sharpen? There was no help provided on the support page, so I just followed the same procedure as outlined for DeNoise. Uninstalling and reinstalling took much longer, but again, I got things back in working shape. All together, all this updating took me a good hour or so for the two programs. It could have taken much less if they notified customers about the needed procedures ahead of time instead of making me look it all up online.

    Now there are new interfaces and supposedly improved performance, but I see it just as a different interface, not better. If anything, I think that Sharpen doesn't handle motion blur as well as in the past.


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    Re: Topaz is Driving Me a Little Crazy

    There's been more than a few issues with the latest releases... Certain MACs will NOT load any Topaz products with the latest security updates from Apple... as a consequence, I had to roll back IOS versions 2 weeks ago. Now my OS is constantly nagging me about a security update. Topaz is working with Apple on the issue, but at this point, it's either abandon Topaz, or not update a security version.

    There are issues with drivers for video cards and NOT rendering images inside Topaz... And what you mention about the different Models, a few don't appear to improve anything and more than one actually degrade the image worse than the original... Topaz's advice to the beta team was to roll back to 3.2
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