Yesterday I shot this image and decided to experiment. This is a screen shot of the original NEF:

ON1 for resizing-heron-nef.jpg

This first edit was cropped down to a size of @ 5.1" x 7.1" from an FX sensor:

ON1 for resizing-_dsc0077-low-res.jpg

So I took the psd file from my first edit above and went into ON1 Resize 10 to experiment. I enlarged it from 7.1" on the long side to 12". Then I went back into Photoshop and cropped that file down to around 5.5" x 6.98". And it isn't bad considering the high amount of cropping to get it to this point. ON1 came out with a newer version of their software. Now I believe ON1 Resize is included with their ON1 software package rather than as a separate purchase. I've found ON1 Resize 10 marginally edges out PCC 2018 when it comes to enlarging. Since I'm still running Windows 7, the latest version of PCC isn't compatible.

Anyway...not bad for such a huge crop.

ON1 for resizing-_dsc0077-further-crop-low-res.jpg

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