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    Print size for social media

    I would like to offer my clients a social media digital download. I want the image to look good online but not good or big enough to print. Iíve read a lot about the right size for Facebook and Instagram but wanted to get some other ideas from this group. Iím using Lightroom and resizing to 1080x725 with the quality slider at 25. Will this set up print a 5x7, which I am trying to avoid? Do I need to change the resolution from 300 to something lower?
    thank you

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    Re: Print size for social media

    To the best of my knowledge, a resolution of 72 is fine for online stuff and helps to prevent printing of the shot. I'm sure some experts on here will spell it out better with all of the explanations. Ha!

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    Re: Print size for social media

    I use Lightroom
    I crop social media to 1X1 aspect ratio
    Export to JPG
    I leave the resize box unchecked, and select 72 pixels per inch
    That's it

    Instagram tends to crop other aspect ratios other than 1X1 squares... and it's the only one that I find it doesn't screw with... Since FB owns Instagram, and I usually Share my Instagram posts on my Facebook feeds, Facebook also doesn't screw with the 1X1 aspect ratio

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    Re: Print size for social media

    I am thinking about how to promote my Instagram accounts. It is said that there are special services through which you may launch autolike to instagram posts and many other things. Can you suggest something good and how they differ from each other except price? How does Instagram admins look at this? Is it worth it contacting this kind of service?

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    Re: Print size for social media

    I use to use Lightroom to post to Instagram. I stopped... well, I should say, they stopped... LR disabled the feature because I believe Instagram doesn't like it...

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    Re: Print size for social media

    Print size for social media-print.png
    graft from adorama: 1080x725= .783MB download some files with different sizes and take them to your local print shop and see how they look


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