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    Re: Post your Portrait shots!

    Post your Portrait shots!
    I was in a small cafe last night where my friend was singing some of her original songs and took a few photos while she was performing. She is really a good singer, with a master's degree in voice from a top conservatory. It was too dim for good noise level so I set a remote flash on a shelf set to TTL 0.7 stops down. Z6, 85mm f/ 1.8 and f/2.8, 1/120 800-2200 ISO

    Post your Portrait shots!-march17-30.jpg

    Post your Portrait shots!-march17-36.jpg

    Post your Portrait shots!-march17-37.jpg

    Post your Portrait shots!-march17-38.jpg

    Post your Portrait shots!-march17-43.jpg

    Post your Portrait shots!-march17-51.jpg

    Post your Portrait shots!-march17-70.jpg

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    Re: Post your Portrait shots!

    Post your Portrait shots!
    Yeah, baby

    Post your Portrait shots!-hummer49.jpg
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    d5300 x 2
    Tamron 150-600 G2/5-6.3, Tamron 18-400mm/3.5-6.3, Tamron 90mm/2.8 macro
    Nikon 18-55mm/3.6-5.6, Nikon 55-200mm/4-5.6
    Nikon 35mm/1.8, Nikon 50mm/1.8
    Vanguard Alta Pro 263AT tripod, CP324 monopod
    SBH 100 ball head, PH 32 pan head
    SB-700 Speedlight

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    Re: Post your Portrait shots!

    Post your Portrait shots!
    Not many portraits lately being posted. I went for a walk today in the early evening with my friend who had a long day of filming in her role as a police detective in a TV drama. After a late lunch(it is White Nights here so sun set is around midnight and it never gets fully dark, and full sun by 03:30) we decided the lower sun was a good time to take some shots of Anastasia also. We cut through a children's playground and took a dozen photos.I had done a longer session earlier in the day in filtered sun with two speed lights and a scrim overhead. But these were more casual
    Camera, Z6m 85 1.8G an off camera flash

    Post your Portrait shots!-anastasia-1.jpg
    Post your Portrait shots!-anastasia-3.jpg
    Post your Portrait shots!-anastasia-5.jpg
    Post your Portrait shots!-anastasia-8.jpg
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    Re: Post your Portrait shots!

    Post your Portrait shots!
    My grandson Zach

    Post your Portrait shots!-20190615-_lrl8484.jpg
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    Re: Post your Portrait shots!

    Post your Portrait shots!-dsc_5797.jpg

    Post your Portrait shots!-dsc_5791.jpg

    Post your Portrait shots!-dsc_5699.jpg

    Post your Portrait shots!-dsc_5684.jpg

    Post your Portrait shots!-dsc_5652.jpg

    Post your Portrait shots!-dsc_5533.jpg

    Post your Portrait shots!-750_2196.jpg
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    Re: Post your Portrait shots!

    Wow, some grat period photos that really capture the time they are reenacting. Nice work!
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    Re: Post your Portrait shots!

    Post your Portrait shots!
    I recently had a birthday that was the official transition into old manism but naturally I celebrate in a small dance club with a few friends, making it the third party in 10 days.Naturally I had a camera, the Z6 and 85 1.8 G, 24-70 and 70-200 2.8. A singer friend sang a couple songs I had recorded originally decades ago:This is Vika, a pro singer and V.O artist for dubbing dialog on movies.
    Post your Portrait shots!-vika-10.jpg

    Then Anastasia and her friends came, she is a dance buddy who was trying to teach me Salsa but I am too clumsy and gave up a year ago. The older woman is Anastasia's aunt
    Post your Portrait shots!-anastasi-5.jpg
    Post your Portrait shots!-anastasi-3.jpg
    It broke up at 5am and walked home 5km in bright sun which had been up since 4am, since we are 500 miles from the Arctic Circle
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Post your Portrait shots!-anastasi-1.jpg  

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    Re: Post your Portrait shots!

    Post your Portrait shots!
    There does not seem to be as much portrait activity lately, maybe everyone is out on vacation. I went out to a club(actually 3) to go dancing last night and had my Z6 with me. I did not intend to shoot and just put my bag in the manager's office but a couple hours into she asked if I would get it out to shoot her girlfriend which I did and that lead to another couple more. This first club is not a usual club, a wider age range and less hardcore clubbers but it also closes earlier so I go there for dinner. Age ranges all the way up to 30 but most people, 80% are girls, are 18-25. The manager's friend was about 38. She seemed to be relieved that at least one older person was there, me. I sent her the photos and she was chatted by email all day to me. Irina: Z6 first image was 70mm 70-200 2.8 ISO 200 and second image is 110mm the same settings. SB900 on camera flash and remote flash Yongnuo 968 RF wireless. All manual flash control.
    Post your Portrait shots!-irina-spycafe-2-2-.jpg
    Post your Portrait shots!-irina-spycafe-1-2-.jpg

    Another girl wanted a photo. quite a bit younger but cute and very outgoing and fun. Stacy
    Post your Portrait shots!-stacy-spycafe-2-7-.jpg

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    Re: Post your Portrait shots!

    Post your Portrait shots!
    More photos from last night, these of three friends who I met in a restaurant a few years ago and sometimes meet for a play or opera. The woman on the left is an ex-champion figure skater and one of the nicest more pleasant people I have ever met. The woman in the center is a mathematics professor at a local engineering institute and the one on the right owns a real estate agency and a very good dancer, all in their late 30s. People always ask me why I moved to Russia and the answer is pretty simple. It is just so much fun and social. Never a hassle, or anger over opinions and zero hostility between the sexes.
    Post your Portrait shots!-anastasia-spycafe-5-7-.jpg
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    Re: Post your Portrait shots!

    Post your Portrait shots!
    A quick snap shot with Z6 and 85 1.8 of my GFs daughter in a restaurant
    Post your Portrait shots!-aug24-1-1-.jpg

    And one of momma and daughter. The light was mixed so white balance was impossible...shaded sun, incandescent and LED. The only way to fix that in shooting would be using high shutter speed to limit ambient and use flash in HSS mode, but no flash with me. I almost always carry at least one flash but this day I had only a small sling bag just large enough for the small camera and 2 compact primes, 85 1.8G and 50 1.8 S

    Post your Portrait shots!-aug23-4-7-.jpg
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