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    Re: Mirrorless?

    Quote Originally Posted by slsl6 View Post
    Are DSLR's on the way out, the way digital has replaced film cameras?
    No. It more like the way automatic transmissions have pushed out manuals. The film to digital change eliminated the need for development and the wait time to see results adding ease to post to internet. The change to mirrorless removes the mirror it is just an advancement, a reduction in moving parts, a cost savings to the companies and should represent a lower failure rate, time will tell.

    Good luck with your search.

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    Re: Mirrorless?

    No problem
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    Re: Mirrorless?

    In my opinion yes, It is the pace of technology. And resistance is futile. People will still use old style camera's for as long as they are around. They still take good pictures. And people who learned their craft are not going to get rid of their gear so easily. But it is just a matter of time. The writing is on the wall. Mirror less tech is catching up and even surpassing dslr tech. In a smaller package and roughly the same price.

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