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    Re: What attracted you to Nikon?

    What attracted you to Nikon?
    Inspirational Advertising

    What attracted you to Nikon?-nikon-camera.jpg

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    Re: What attracted you to Nikon?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rick M View Post
    Inspirational Advertising

    What attracted you to Nikon?-nikon-camera.jpg
    Nobody is studying the camera.
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    "Connected to the universe by way of the star-stuff within"

    Um yeahhhh, I shoot a lot of pics of my dogs.
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    Re: What attracted you to Nikon?

    I saw big-time photojournalists using F2s back in my teenage years and the image of pros using Nikons was stuck in my head. Uncle Sam was mostly using Canons and I was trained on a Canon F-1 when I became an enlisted Navy Journalist in the '80s but I was handed an F2AS at may first duty station. (I had a Nikon FG of my own back then.)

    I own and have used a bunch of the film bodies (F2S, F3HP, F4s, FG, FE2, FA) and a few of the digitals (D70, D200, D750). Love 'em all!
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    Re: What attracted you to Nikon?

    On the film camera side, I had a Praktica DSLR when I was a teenager, an Olympus OM-1N at university, and got my first Nikon - a used FE - around 10 years later. At the time, I was looking for a bigger range of lenses... Got hooked on the system and eventually upgraded to a used F4, and eventually an F5 (brilliant but fairly hefty) and later added an F100 (lighter than the F5 when I didn't need the F5 features), shooting mostly slide film with some black and white. Eventually went digital with a D70 then D300, which served me well for a long time. Recently upgraded to a mirrorless Z7 II.

    Basically, I just like the Nikon system - I like the fact they kept backward compatability with earlier lenses - the F4 could use just about any nikon lens (including Pre-AI ones, thanks to a flippable coupling tab, though I didn't have any), and the F5 could be modified to do the same (but I never needed that). When I was looking at my latest upgrade, I considered both the Z7II and the D850 - eventually went for the mirrorless Z7II since it looked as though the new Z mount lenses were going to be where future developments were heading, and having handled both, I liked the mirrorless features and especially the lighter weight (The D850 was another fairly hefty camera, and while I could have handled that, the Z7II was significantly lighter with a similar feature set. And much easier to adapt other brand lenses to).

    The only major irritation is that Nikon did a half-baked job on the FTZ adapter - it doesn't support the older F-Mount screw drive AF, which means that older AF lenses like my 80-400 AFD and 180/2.8AFD won't autofocus on the Z7.
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    Re: What attracted you to Nikon?

    When I made the jump to a digital DSLR in early 2012 I was having good luck with Canon point and shoots and really impressed with customer service on one of those when it died. So going in I was Canon biased. I research a lot before purchases, and found the great advice to pick up the camera you want to buy and see how it "feels". This lead me to the local camera stores (they were still open then) and I made a few visits. No stranger to DSLR's (Pentax film shooter) the entry Canon model versus the Nikon (D5100) just did not "feel" right to my hand. The D5100 was great and used it a lot with the kit lenses. I then graduated to a D7200 in 2019 this camera has put the passion back in photography for me and confirmed Nikon's commitment to ergonomics.

    I think all the major camera makers can offer similar "image" quality, my advice to folks searching is in handling, (or personal ergonomics) buy what feels right in your hand. As I have got reactivated I am leaning that different Nikon cameras "feel" similar to me. I am excited for the mirror less technology, currently following the Z50 threads (would like to stay with the APS-C sensor for lens reach) so impressed with the images folks are getting with that body and the ability to use existing lens with the FTZ adapter to ease the total cost at one time.

    I have followed service threads here and see generally Nikon doing a first class job as Canon did for me in the past, should I ever need them.
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    Re: What attracted you to Nikon?

    I started with a Cannon AE-1, then an Olympus OM-2. When the Minolta Maxxium auto-focus first came out I had to have one. None of the new auto-focus cameras could be used with older lenses, until Nikon came out with theirs. istarted with an F-3, F-4, finally an F-5- Now along comes Nikons' digital D-70. I have been using Nikon ever since, and haven't looked back.
    Nikon F-3, F-5, D-70, D-5100, D-7000 w/ MB-D-11, D-7200
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    DX18-55 f3.5, DX18-105 f3.5, DX55-300 f5.4, DX35 f1.8
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    Sigma 105 f2.8 macro, 10-20 f4-5.6
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    Re: What attracted you to Nikon?

    I started with an Argus C4 hand me down. Moved on to a Practica and then Pentax film cameras. I moved to Minolta when the autofocus shift started, and ended up with my dad's Rollei 3.5F when he passed. Fell out of the hobby in the 90s. Wife got my daughter and I a refurbed Canon Rebel in 2007. Daughter used it mostly, but I tried my hand at it, and liked it. When my daughter got the bug, an wanted something more up to date, the Nikons were a lot more bang for the buck in entry level DSLRs at the time, so I went with a D3400 2 lens kit I picked up on sale for $500. It was heads and shoulders above the Canon in image quality. Of course, that was mainly due to improvements in the technology across the board. When I started to get interested in photography again, I just bought her a new D5600 and I took her D3400. After a few months, I decided to treat myself to a new Z5. After getting on board with Nikon with the D3400, it seemed reasonable to stick with one manufacturer.
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