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    Re: The perfect wildlife camera?

    Quote Originally Posted by Woodyg3 View Post
    Nice shots, especially the hawk.
    Thanks. That's actually with the considerably less expensive 300mm w/ a 1.4x TCii.

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    Re: The perfect wildlife camera?

    Quote Originally Posted by BackdoorArts View Post
    If you think finding a 500mm F5.6 PF is hard, try finding an R5. Seriously, I know someone who traded in all their Nikon gear for one and has been cameraless for over 2 months.

    Again, as for me, I found the greatest upgrade I've made for birds is moving to primes. Focus is quicker and more accurate, OOF areas are much more pleasing, and with PF glass I can handhold all day.
    What? You mean Nikon isn't the only manufacturer that has a hard time meeting demand upon a new product release?

    Now that you mention it, I'm reminded that the individual I know who has both the R5 and R6 has a sponsor in the retail camera business, and has always been able to get new gear very early...

    Your point about prime lens use in wildlife photography is spot on; for several reasons. So many iconic wildlife photos were taken with prime glass, and using shoes for zoom!

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    Re: The perfect wildlife camera?

    A couple comments mentioned "blackout" on the EVF. I just watched Dustin Abbots review and when you use 120 refresh rate, he says no blackout on the EOS R5.
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