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    Lightroom presets

    I keep seeing all these feeds in my Facebook and instagram account to buy Lightroom presets. There are so many, question is are they worth it ? I’ve been studying Lightroom class by Ben Wilmore on CreativeLive but was just wondering.

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    Re: Lightroom presets

    Personally I wouldn't spend money on presets. You would be better off learning how to make your own depending on your workflow
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    Re: Lightroom presets

    I use the Nik Collection within Photoshop, but it's my understanding it can also be used within Lightroom (I use Adobe Camera RAW instead of LR).

    Topaz is one that's been mentioned here although I don't have it. Photomatix is a plug in that several members use to process HDR images. The Nik Collection has the capability to handle HDR so Photomatix is another one I haven't tried personally. But both Topaz and Photomatix are used by members here.
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    Re: Lightroom presets

    Quote Originally Posted by Bengan View Post
    Personally I wouldn't spend money on presets. You would be better off learning how to make your own depending on your workflow
    Pretty much this. For presets to be effective they generally require that you start with an image that already has a certain overall exposure and look designed to be used with that preset. This generally requires you putting in some time up front with the image to get it that way, then save a copy on which you would apply the preset. Why? Because presets are not relative to your starting point, they are absolutes. So if you needed to apply exposure and white balance adjustments to get to that starting point they will be wiped out after you apply the preset. IN other words the only way to make them work effectively is to perfectly expose the shot SOOC every time. Otherwise you go 1) apply preset, 2) fix preset, which really isn't a time saver.

    The only ones that might be worth paying for are some of the ones that give you a different film look, but even with these I'd never use them in Lightroom, I would apply them using the Camera Raw filter in Photoshop since it can be added as a layer to an already adjusted image and saved with that (Camera Raw is identical to the Lightroom Develop module).
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