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    Why no VR on 50mm ?

    Was looking at 50mm f1.4 and notice there’s no VR offered by Nikon. Why is that so ?

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    Re: Why no VR on 50mm ?

    Quote Originally Posted by D7100-79 View Post
    Was looking at 50mm f1.4 and notice there’s no VR offered by Nikon. Why is that so ?
    Obviously only Nikon knows for certain, but very few Nikon primes anywhere near that focal length come with VR. There's an 85mm and the 105mm, but that's it.

    I have always assumed VR must add to the overall cost, weight and complexity of a lens which may be enough to preclude it's inclusion.

    Depending on how important VR is to you, there's always the "slightly" heavier, "slightly" more expensive Sigma Art series 50mm to consider.

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    Re: Why no VR on 50mm ?

    Just a guess: The target market for that particular lens doesn't need VR.
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    Re: Why no VR on 50mm ?

    When one does not know the answer to a question the answer i always money. It would increase the cost and size and is probably not necessary for a lens that is easy to hold steady.

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    Re: Why no VR on 50mm ?

    Interesting, I don't think I would even have had that as a consideration for a 50mm lens. I guess it would be handy if hand-holding in very low light. Anyway, it is cost for sure.
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    Re: Why no VR on 50mm ?

    Probably because of the size increase that VR would need to function properly. Prime lenses are Fast, Small and Light and, for some, not expensive. I think VR in a nifty 50 would not meet all these criterions.
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    Re: Why no VR on 50mm ?

    I've read about some or one new third party wide angle prime with stabilization. Sigma/Tamron/Tokina ? I forget.

    Canon has it https://cpn.canon-europe.com/content...m_f28is_usm.do
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    Re: Why no VR on 50mm ?

    There's probably at least 4 or 5 reasons why Nikon doesn't put VR on their smaller primes... The cost benefit just isn't there... VR helps in low-light, but most of the smaller focal length primes are already either f1.8 or f1.4... hand held motion is also less pronounced at the under 100mm range than at the 200mm Plus range... adding VR adds lens design complexity which seems to translate to "less sharp"
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    Re: Why no VR on 50mm ?

    Thanks for the clarification ��

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