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    Northern Lights

    I will be visiting Iceland for 10 days in September and spending time in remote areas in northern Iceland. I would appreciate recommendations on what settings I should use on my Nikon P900 to photograph the Northern Lights. Auto settings or manual and which settings? I will be using a tripod and remote shutter release. Thank you.

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    Re: Northern Lights

    I recently returned from a trip to the Canadian Arctic photographing the Aurora. Conditions were ideal except for a very bright full moon which affected my exposure settings. I used my D810 on a tripod with a Nikkor 24-85 lens and a wireless remote. ISO was 100, aperture was wide open and shutter speeds varied around 10-15 seconds. I took a series of shots adjusting shutter speed as necessary to get an acceptable exposure. Remember, if you use too long a shutter speed you will get star trails. I focused the lens to infinity on a distant object in daylight then taped the focus ring so that it would not move and set the camera focus to manual. This is one of the shots taken.

    Northern Lights-_ih81122_dxo.jpg
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    Re: Northern Lights

    Nice shot

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