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    Re: water park

    I shoot back button focus and wait for the beep. Thanks for the reply. Paul

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    Re: water park

    Quote Originally Posted by tea2085 View Post
    I shoot back button focus and wait for the beep. Thanks for the reply. Paul
    if you are waiting on the beep is that not af-s mode, you should be af-c? they would have moved from when you had them in focus.
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    Re: water park

    Hmm. If you are getting a beep, that tells me you are in af-s mode with focus priority.That is not the norm for bbf setup. Some guys do use it that way, but you don't get the full technique. They have their reasons for doing it. Anyway, using af-s with bbf will lock focus once achieved, beep-locked. If you continue to hold the button, focus will not update if the subject moves. You would need to release the button and press again if the subject moved. Does this sound like something that could have happened? That is, the subject moved after the beep but you were still holding the bbf on. That is my new guess, that focus halted because of af-s and then the subject moved out of focus. If you set af-c with release priority, it will follow the action and try to keep focused as long as you hold the button down. The only pitfall is a quick first shot when the focus has not had time to settle could come of not focused.
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    Re: water park

    Are you sure you are even in an autofocus mode? This looks like pictures I have taken when I accidentally moved the AF/MF switch to MF mode.
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    Re: water park

    Further to Brents question have you got the lens in a manual focus override mode and catching the focus ring before you take.

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    Re: water park

    Ray got what happened right -though I did research to learn what auto- focus to use, I set it for af-c but after his reply I checked and somehow it reverted to af-s. Thanks guys for all the helpful replys-and Brent, I actually did exactly what you said, one time not long ago and it took me some time to discover!! Paul
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    Re: water park

    water park
    Here's one I took at a water park. I went a slightly different route. I bumped the ISO up a bit to compensate for the higher SS.

    water park-dsc_3556-1.jpg
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