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    Wedding Photographer lost pics due to fire

    Here's an interesting, yet sad, story of a wedding photographer who took and edited photos then lost everything in a fire. No offsite backup. The photographer offered a 90% refund saying he spent the time taking and editing the images despite the couple not getting anything.

    Just wondering what others think.


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    Re: Wedding Photographer lost pics due to fire

    He should have gave a 100% refund. Then do what ever he could to get them some pictures that would remind them of the event (parents wedding photo was taken in a studio after the event) at no charge.
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    Re: Wedding Photographer lost pics due to fire

    I feel bad for the guy losing everything in a fire, but...no liability insurance? Who sets up any service business, not just wedding photography, without liability insurance?

    I'm with Needa. The couple paid him to deliver a set of pictures. When he couldn't provide them, everything else - amount of effort, fire, whatever - became moot. He couldn't deliver what they wanted, so he needs to refund the full amount.

    If I was hired to voice a spot for a client and the day it was due someone stole my computer right before I could send it, there's no way in hell I'd send a bill pro rated for the production work I did up until that point. I'd never get another VO job again. And rightfully so.

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    Re: Wedding Photographer lost pics due to fire

    Unless there's contract language to the contrary, I'd say they're due a 100% refund.
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    Re: Wedding Photographer lost pics due to fire

    Ouch.... I use Crashplan for all my offsite backups... I have a NAS setup at home as well as 2 internal drives that hold backups of all my weddings, however fires or theft, I always have my Crashplan backup as my get out of jail free card.
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    Re: Wedding Photographer lost pics due to fire

    100% refund unless there was something in the contract that states 10% is non-refundable due to time spent and equipment depreciation. The wedding party pays for an end-product. Time spent means nothing to the contracting party if there isn't anything to show for it.
    I would not be happy with a 90% refund. I would be grumbling to friends, but I wouldn't be creating an internet brouhaha over it. Small claims court is certainly an option if they want to go through the trouble. They might be tight on money, and it might be worth pursuing for them.

    If anything, maybe some photographers will see the article and get some back-up if they don't have it already.
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    Re: Wedding Photographer lost pics due to fire

    Interesting i cant help but think of the literaly thousands of roll film negs from my late wifes weddings, they are backed up back in cardboard boxes in the spare room the only back up at that time was the second camera you took in case the first one failed.

    Any one doing weddings now should have a back up system that covers every thing they can think of.
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